Why Choose MGMOTORS For Your ECU Remapping & Engine Chip Tuning Needs? Let Us Explain…

Our ECU Remap writers will write specific maps for your ECU and the remap will be geared to what you require. Rest assured we never use generic remaps so you can be sure that your vehicle is always in safe hands.

MGMOTORS invest heavily in new technology & have a whole array of the latest software, test equipment & dealer level diagnostic tools at our disposal, thus ensuring that the map we write for your car will be of the best possible quality for the best possible results.

Of course we appreciate that it takes more than tools to get a job done and this is why our map writers are qualified professionals with a firm background in the automotive chip tuning and ecu programming industry.

Using a Dynojet dynamometer allows MGMOTORS to monitor exactly what the engine is doing, how much boost the turbo is developing, the intake air temperature, the air fuel ratio, oil temperature, coolant temperature and of course the power & torque that the engine is developing. All of this data allows us to optimise the ECU remap.

During development, MGMOTORS remappers constantly & closely monitor the effects of all the small changes made to the ECU during the remapping process.

The dyno has a built in weather station to monitor ambient conditions and the dyno software constantly compensates for climatic changes.

The dyno also measures transmission losses so unlike the competition and lesser ECU remapping companies we can’t exaggerate the power figures by underestimating transmission losses.

So if its a Power Tune, Economy Map, or you just need that little bit more Torque for towing or carrying heavy load, then contact MGMOTORS via our website enquiry form Jut to your right or just simply give us a call. We wont be beaten on price! You can follow all of our recent works on our Facebook.